Automatic Numbering Stamp

KSh 2,000.00

  • Type: Self Inking dater
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Traxx
  • Ink pad included in set.
  • Automatically advances numbers sequentially 1 to 999,999.
  • Used for cross referencing documents, identifying orders, sales invoice etc
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Automatic Numbering Stamp: Effortless Serialization for Booklets or Garments

Introducing our advanced automatic numbering stamp, specifically designed to streamline the serialization process for booklets or garments. This versatile tool offers a seamless and efficient solution for marking items with consecutive numbers.

With its automatic self-inking mechanism, durable steel handle, and availability in 6 or 8-digit options, this numbering stamp is the perfect choice for precise and permanent serialization.

This automatic numbering stamp takes the hassle out of manual numbering tasks. Simply adjust the desired number by rotating the numbered bands, and the stamp will automatically advance to the next sequential digit with each impression.

This automated process ensures accurate and consecutive numbering without the need for manual adjustments or repositioning. Whether you’re numbering booklets, uniforms, or any other items that require unique identification, this stamp will make the process effortless.

The self-inking feature of this automatic numbering stamp provides convenience and efficiency. The built-in ink pad automatically re-inks the stamp after each impression, eliminating the need for external ink pads or messy re-inking processes.

This ensures consistent and vibrant imprints, as well as extended usage before requiring a replacement ink cartridge. You can rely on the permanent nature of the ink to maintain clear and readable serial numbers over time.

The handle of this numbering stamp is crafted from sturdy steel, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip during operation. The durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance, making this stamp suitable for frequent use in various environments.

Whether you’re in a printing press, garment manufacturing facility, or any other setting that requires high-volume serialization, this numbering stamp will withstand the demands of your workload.

With its automatic operation and permanent ink, this numbering stamp is the ideal choice for serializing booklets or garments. By providing unique identification numbers, you can easily track and manage your inventory, prevent counterfeiting, or enhance organizational efficiency.

Whether you’re a publisher, designer, or manufacturer, this stamp will help you streamline your serialization process and ensure accurate and reliable numbering.

Experience the convenience and precision of our automatic numbering stamp. Its self-inking mechanism, durable steel handle, and adjustable digit options make it the go-to choice for efficient and permanent serialization.

Simplify your numbering tasks and achieve professional results with ease using our high-quality automatic numbering stamp.