Numbering Stamp

KSh 5,500.00

Premium 6-Digit Uniform Numbering Stamp, a must-have tool for efficient organization and identification.
With a compact 15mm size, this stamp is designed to meet your numbering needs with precision and ease.

  • Our numbering stamp allows you to effortlessly customize and adjust to your preferred numbers or symbols.
  • Its adjustable mechanism guarantees smooth transitions between digits and symbols, making it an ideal choice
    for various applications.
  • This stamp is built to withstand frequent use, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance.
    Invest in the 6-Digit Uniform Numbering Stamp and elevate your organizational efforts with efficiency and style.

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Advanced Numbering Stamp: Discover Labeling Solution for Schools, Hospitals, and Company Uniforms

Experience the pinnacle of organization with our exceptional 6-Digit Uniform Numbering Stamp, an indispensable tool designed for seamless identification. Boasting a sleek 15mm size, this stamp caters to your numbering requirements with unparalleled precision and ease.

Enjoy effortless customization as you seamlessly adjust to your preferred numbers or symbols, thanks to its user-friendly and adjustable mechanism. The stamp ensures flawless transitions between digits and symbols, making it the optimal choice for diverse applications.

Engineered for durability, it stands resilient against frequent use, delivering long-lasting and unwavering performance. Elevate your organizational endeavors with both efficiency and style by investing in the unrivaled capabilities of our 6-Digit Uniform Numbering Stamp.

Revolutionize Uniform Labeling with our Unique Numbering Stamp

  • In the dynamic worlds of education, healthcare, and corporate environments, efficient organization and identification of uniforms are paramount. Enter our cutting-edge numbering stamp, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of schools, hospitals, and companies, offering a manual labeling solution that combines reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly design.
  • This innovative numbering stamp serves as a straightforward and convenient tool, streamlining the process of marking school, hospital, or company uniforms with precision. Built with durability in mind and boasting a user-friendly design, it stands out as the ideal choice for those seeking efficient uniform management solutions.
  • The 15-mm digits featured in this numbering stamp provide a clear and easily readable labeling option. Available in 6-digit configurations, it offers a level of flexibility that can accommodate a diverse range of labeling requirements. Whether you’re tasked with numbering uniforms for a small school team or a large corporate workforce, this numbering stamp is up to the challenge.
  • The operational simplicity of this stamp is a key highlight. Its user-friendly design ensures that virtually anyone can operate it with ease. Adjusting the desired number is a breeze; simply rotate the numbered bands to your preference and press the stamp firmly onto the garment. The manual operation not only allows for precise control but also guarantees accurate and consistent numbering with each application. From teachers to nurses and administrators, this stamp simplifies the uniform labeling process for all.
  • Crafted with a handle made from sturdy steel, this numbering stamp provides a firm grip, ensuring stability during the stamping process. The robust construction further guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable tool for daily use in the bustling environments of schools, hospitals, or companies. Rest assured, this stamp is built to withstand the demands of frequent use.
  • The numbers imprinted by this stamp are created using high-quality rubber, ensuring clear and crisp impressions on the fabric. The rubber surface is expertly designed to transfer ink evenly, resulting in legible and professional-looking numbers. The clarity of the imprints facilitates easy identification and tracking of uniforms, contributing to the seamless organization and management of uniform-related processes.
  • Efficiency is at the core of this numbering stamp’s design. By investing in this tool, you can efficiently label school, hospital, or company uniforms, saving both time and effort. The manual operation eliminates the need for complex machinery or electricity, providing a straightforward and hassle-free labeling solution. Whether you’re numbering uniforms for students, medical personnel, or employees, this stamp stands out as a cost-effective and efficient choice.

Commit to a streamlined labeling process by investing in our reliable and user-friendly numbering stamp. Its sturdy steel handle, clear rubber imprints, and adjustable digit options make it the perfect companion for school administrators, hospital staff, or company managers. Elevate your uniform organization and management effortlessly with our high-quality numbering stamp.

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