Numbering Stamp

KSh 5,000.00

Numbering Machine Available at affordable price

  • Contains Numbers & Symbols Available in 6 Digits & 8 Digits
  • Size 15mm
  • Reinforced with steel to make it firm when stamping
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Numbering Stamp: Manual Labeling Solution for School, Hospital, or Company Uniforms

Introducing our reliable and efficient numbering stamp, designed to meet your labeling needs for school, hospital, or company uniforms.

This manual numbering stamp offers a straightforward and convenient solution for marking garments with precise numbers.

With its durable construction, user-friendly design, and clear imprinting capabilities, this numbering stamp is the ideal choice for efficient uniform management.

This numbering stamp features 15mm digits, providing clear and easily readable numbering options. Available in both 6-digit and 8-digit configurations, this stamp offers flexibility to accommodate various labeling requirements.

Whether you need to mark uniforms for a small team or a large organization, this numbering stamp has you covered.

Using this stamp is a breeze. Its user-friendly design ensures that anyone can operate it with ease. Simply adjust the desired number by rotating the numbered bands and press the stamp firmly onto the garment.

The manual operation allows for precise control, ensuring accurate and consistent numbering every time. Whether you are a teacher, nurse, or administrator, this stamp will simplify your uniform labeling process.

The handle of this numbering stamp is made from sturdy steel, providing a firm grip and ensuring stability during stamping.

The robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance, making this stamp suitable for everyday use in busy school, hospital, or company environments.

You can rely on its durability and dependability, knowing it will withstand the demands of frequent use.

The numbers imprinted by this stamp are made with high-quality rubber, which ensures clear and crisp impressions on the fabric.

The rubber surface is designed to transfer the ink evenly, resulting in legible and professional-looking numbers. The clarity of the imprints allows for easy identification and tracking of uniforms, streamlining organization and management processes.

With this numbering stamp, you can efficiently label school, hospital, or company uniforms, saving time and effort. The manual operation eliminates the need for complex machinery or electricity, providing a straightforward and hassle-free solution.

Whether you need to number uniforms for students, medical personnel, or employees, this stamp offers a cost-effective and efficient labeling solution.

Invest in our reliable and user-friendly numbering stamp to simplify the uniform labeling process. Its sturdy steel handle, clear rubber imprints, and adjustable digit options make it the perfect choice for school administrators, hospital staff, or company managers.

Enhance uniform organization and management with ease using our high-quality numbering stamp.

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