Expiry Date Stamp

KSh 3,500.00

  • Expiry Date Stamp its Self Inking
  • Can be arranged to stamp Manufacture/Expiry Date and Batch No.
  • Made from shiny stamp
  • Blue in color
  • Easy to use
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Expiry Date Stamp

Expiry Date Stamp its an innovative DIY Stamp Set, a versatile tool designed to empower you to effortlessly imprint crucial information onto drinking bottle labels, whether they are made of plastic or paper.

This stamp set revolutionizes the way you mark your bottles, allowing you to arrange and customize the stamp according to your specific requirements.

With this unique stamp set, you can effortlessly mark essential details such as the Manufacture Date, Expiry Date, and Batch Number onto your drinking bottle labels. Gone are the days of struggling to find pre-made stamps or resorting to hand-written labels. This DIY Stamp Set gives you the freedom to create professional-looking imprints with ease.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this stamp set ensures long-lasting performance. It includes a range of interchangeable stamps featuring the Manufacture Date, Expiry Date, and Batch Number, allowing you to select the desired information for each application.

The stamps are designed with adjustable dials or sliders, making it incredibly convenient to modify the dates as needed. This flexibility allows you to keep your labeling up-to-date, even if there are changes in the product’s lifespan.

The DIY Stamp Set also boasts permanent ink, guaranteeing that your imprints will remain legible and resistant to fading over time. The ink’s formulation ensures excellent adherence to various surfaces, ensuring that your markings stay intact and visible, regardless of the label material.

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