Self Inking Rubber stamp

KSh 1,400.00

  • Self Inking Rubber stamp
  • Oval In shape
  • Made with wess stamp machine
  • can be customized with a logo
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Self Inking Rubber Stamp: Round Design with Adjustable Red Date and Blue Clear Write

This self-inking rubber stamp is specifically crafted to meet your stamping needs with utmost precision and convenience. Its round self-inking stamp combines versatility, durability, and vibrant ink colors to provide you with an unparalleled stamping experience.

Manufactured by Wes Stamp, a trusted name in the industry, this stamp is designed to deliver professional results every time.

The round design of this self-inking rubber stamp offers a sleek and compact form, allowing for easy handling and storage. Its ergonomic construction ensures a comfortable grip, enabling you to achieve accurate and consistent impressions effortlessly.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a dedicated teacher, or an efficient administrator, this stamp will seamlessly integrate into your daily tasks.

One of the standout features of this self-inking rubber stamp is the adjustable red date mechanism. This innovative feature empowers you to customize the date according to your specific requirements.

With a simple twist or turn, you can effortlessly modify the date to achieve precise dating on a wide range of documents, forms, or paperwork. This flexibility eliminates the need for multiple stamps, making it an incredibly versatile tool.

Furthermore, the blue clear write aspect of this stamp adds an extra dimension to its functionality. The clear write function allows you to include personalized information or custom messages alongside the date, enhancing the utility and individuality of each impression.

Whether you need to mark important notes, add additional details, or personalize your stamping, this feature ensures clear and legible writing on every impression.

Made from high-quality materials, this self-inking rubber stamp by Wes Stamp is built to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting performance.

The ink reservoir is designed to hold a sufficient amount of ink, guaranteeing consistent and vibrant impressions throughout its lifespan. You can rely on this stamp for thousands of impressions before requiring a replacement ink cartridge.

Incorporating the renowned Wes Stamp quality, this self-inking rubber stamp offers a seamless stamping experience with its self-inking mechanism. With each impression, the stamp automatically re-inks itself, eliminating the need for external ink pads or manual re-inking.

This time-saving feature ensures maximum productivity without any mess or hassle.

Invest in the efficiency and versatility of our self-inking rubber stamp. Wes Stamp’s commitment to excellence and precision is evident in every aspect of this stamp’s design and functionality.

Experience seamless stamping, vibrant ink colors, adjustable dates, and clear writing all in one compact and reliable tool. Upgrade your stamping experience with Wes Stamp’s self-inking rubber stamp today.

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