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Company seal | 3 Commonly used Company Seals

What is a Company Seal?

A company seal is a device used to stamp or emboss important company documents as a formal indication of the company’s approval, authorization, or authentication.

It typically consists of a metal stamp or embossing tool that bears the company’s name, logo, and other relevant information.

What are company seal used for?

Historically, company seals were commonly used in legal and commercial transactions, such as signing contracts, deeds, and share certificates.

The use of company seals has declined in recent years due to advances in digital technology and electronic signatures, but they are still required in some jurisdictions for specific types of legal documents or transactions.

Do Company seal need to be kept in a secure place?

The company seal is often kept in a secure location by the company secretary or another authorized person, and its use is governed by the company’s constitution and relevant laws and regulations.

The impression made by the company seal on a document is considered to be a formal representation of the company’s commitment and authority, and can carry legal significance.

5 ways on how you can use Company seal

A company seal, also known as a corporate seal or common seal, is a tool used by companies to authenticate documents and show that they have been approved by the company’s authorized personnel. Here are some ways a company seal can be used:

  • Certifying official documents: A company seal is commonly used to certify official documents such as contracts, agreements, and other legal documents. When the company seal is affixed to a document, it indicates that the document has been reviewed and approved by the company’s authorized personnel.
  • Signing company checks: A company seal can be used to sign company checks, which provides an added layer of security and ensures that the checks are valid and authorized by the company.
  • Incorporation documents: A company seal is often required when incorporating a company. This helps to verify the authenticity of the documents filed with the government and ensures that the company is recognized as a legal entity.
  • Share certificates: A company seal can be used to authenticate share certificates, which is important for companies that issue stock or shares. This helps to prevent fraud and ensures that the shares are legitimate.
  • Contracts with overseas companies: In some countries, a company seal is required for contracts with overseas companies. This helps to ensure that the contract is valid and legally binding in both countries.

Overall, a company seal is an important tool that helps to provide authenticity and security to company documents and transactions.

3 Stunning Commonly used Seals

  • Local Company:
    • Locally made company seal with cast iron and painted blue.
    • Heavy and you need to use force to emboss on the document
    • Clear and durable
    • Not portable only used on the desktop
Company Seal
  • Smart Company Seal:
    • Imported company seal
    • Heavy not potable used for desktop only
    • need alot of force to emboss
    • clear and durable
company seal
  • CGS Company Seal:
    • Pocket size company seal making it easily portable
    • Steel made and easy to emboss
    • Clear and durable
company seal
  • Shiny Company Seal:
    • Fixed with rubber bad for easy grip
    • Pocket size, easily portable
    • Clear and durable
Company Seal

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