Best Before Stamp

KSh 1,800.00

  • Size: 45mm by 10mm Max size
  • Brand: Shiny Stamp
  • Type: Self-inking with adjustable dates
  • Color: Fitted to stamp blue imprints “Other Colors Available: Black, Green Or White”
  • Purpose: Used to label date of manufacture and the best-before date
  • Ink:  All ink is available for Paper, Textile or Nylon services
  • Properties: Fitted with dual dates, which are easier to set and adjust.
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Discover Best Before Stamp

A Best Before Stamp is a versatile self-inking tool with dual adjustable dates designed for labelling expiration and manufacturing dates.

The purpose of having a best before stamp

This best before stamp is perfect for businesses dealing with perishable goods, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals. It offers convenience and efficiency, as its self inking and has dual adjustable dates for labelling in a quick, easy and efficient way.

Key features making best before stamp a must have tool

  1. This best before stamp its Self-Inking for Easy Labelling
    It features a convenient self-inking design, so you can stamp dates with precision and accuracy every time. Simply press down, and the stamp automatically re-inks itself, ensuring crisp, clear imprints with minimal effort. Whether you’re labelling food products, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, this rubber stamp is the perfect solution for all your date labelling needs.
  2. Adjustable dates which are easy to set
    This Stamp is equipped with a dual dates mechanism and each has day; month and year format. This makes it easier than ever to set and adjust expiration dates and manufacturing dates.
  3. Varieties of Colors Available applicable to all surfaces
    Even though the stamps comes filled with blue ink, you can easily customise it with colours of your choice, including blue, black, green, and white to suit your branding or labelling requirements. Whether you’re marking paper, textiles, or nylon surfaces, our stamps deliver consistent, professional results every time.
  4. A convince Size
    Its pocket sized stamp and you can easily handle it with a single palm. In addition
    its compact size (45mm by 10mm max) makes it easy to stamp on large, medium or small products.

Why purchase our Best before stamp

  • This Best before stamp its a perfect tool for Expiry and Manufacture Date Labelling
    When it comes to labelling expiration dates and manufacturing dates, accuracy is key, and this where these stamp comes to play a part.
    Whether you’re marking perishable goods in a grocery store, labeling cosmetics in a beauty salon, or dating pharmaceutical products in a pharmacy, these stamp ensures that your dates are clearly and legibly marked for easy identification.
  • Rubber Stamps Designed for Efficiency
    At Amosnde Graphics, we understand the importance of efficiency in your day-to-day operations. That’s why our rubber stamps are designed with your needs in mind. With a quick and easy stamping process, you’ll save time and effort on date labeling tasks, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Plus, with our affordable price point of Kshs 1800, you’ll get maximum value for your investment.